Morrisons Supermarkets - Our new exclusive sites across the UK

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve won the exclusive rights to have our leaflet stands placed in all Morrisons supermarkets across the UK!  


Supermarkets are very high footfall sites and are perfect for attracting the local community as well as visitors to the area. People of all ages visit supermarkets so you can target a large variety of different people by having your print in our leaflets stands within supermarkets.

With printed material information displays situated at exit points inside the Supermarket sites and with 96% of UK Adults visiting a supermarket on a regular basis, this is an invaluable way to target UK consumers!

This new growth confirms that we are the UK’s market leader in Supermarket leaflet distribution.


If you want your print displayed in Morrisons Supermarkets across the UK, get in touch! Just email

Santapod - Digital Screen Campaign

We’re very excited to announce that Santapod have come on board with us for an Out Of Home digital campaign. Their digital screen adverts are now active in our Motorway Service Areas (MSA) across the UK.

Motorway Services Areas (MSA) are the perfect locations to place your marketing messages because everyone who stops there is travelling somewhere!

Digital screens are very engaging and can be placed in high traffic locations. Thousands of people pass through Motorway Services every day so your marketing messages will be on show to them. Digital screens allow businesses to target certain groups of people based on where they locate their stands. For example, placing stands in motorway services can target the UK family tourism market.

Everyone is competing for the attention of consumers online and the market is saturated. Out Of Home is continuing to broadcast and gain audiences. This is because it stands alone, away from the marketing messages of others. OOH dominates visibility because the images are large so they stand out!

Here are some images from Santapod’s campaign with us!

Do you want your marketing messages shown on our digital screens within Welcome Break Motorway Services around the UK? Get in touch! Email for more information!

Welcome Break welcomes Pear!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently won the exclusive rights for our stands to be placed in all Welcome Break Motorway Services across the UK! Our teams are busy installing the stands and screens in time for the Easter rush!

Motorway services are the ideal location to place leaflets because everyone who stops there is travelling somewhere! You are able to target a local market as well as tourists.

There are lots of options when it comes to advertising at Welcome Break Services. Do you want your print in our stands or do you want to wow your potential customers even more by having your marketing materials on our digital screens?!

Digital screens capture the attention of consumers because of their ability to stand out and display eye-catching content.


If you’d like your marketing materials displayed at Welcome Break Motorway Services across the UK, get in touch!


A blooming successful experiential marketing campaign!

On St David’s Day our promo team went into Cardiff City Centre to conduct an experiential marketing campaign on behalf of the RHS Flower Show.


Our team were positioned in high footfall locations around the city centre and were handing out leaflets to promote the RHS Cardiff Flower Show.

The campaign was extremely successful and saw a high rate of leaflets handed out. Many members of the public were engaging in conversation with our promo team and were very excited about the event.

We believe the experiential campaign will encourage new attendees to visit the flower show.

Do you want to try an experiential marketing campaign? It doesn’t just have to be hand-to-hand leaflet distribution! Our promo team have done face painting before sports matches, put flags on every seat inside stadiums and have walked around with giant photo frames at events!

Want to get involved? Get in touch!!

Pear Promo, official promoters of the Royal Bath and West Show!

Pear Promo, official promoters of the Royal Bath and West Show!

We provided hand2hand teams along with our Promotional Billboards throughout key locations in Bath and Bristol to give Bath and West a fantastic coverage in their local areas.

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