Our Investment in IT

At Pear we believe in absolute transparency in every campaign we undertake. To assist in this we have invested considerably in our techonology.

Logistics: All our drivers are equipped with brand new Samsung Note 3 smart phones, which are pre-installed with The Crystal Ball App. This App allows Pear HQ to visually track each of our drivers throughout the day to ensure that drops are carried out on time and effectively. The Crystal Ball App also logs each drop with evidence taken at the time. Evidence is delivered with the following methods: Photo Proof (Date, Time and Geotagged), Signature Capture and Geotagged Location Markers.

Office / Warehousing: We have also invested very heavily on integral IT systems in all of our locations which help track each and every single piece of print. 

All the above ensures that we can log, track and follow the path of every piece of print distributed by our teams, ensuring that we can deliver unique and in depth reports at the end of each campaign.