Pear Promo, being 'Fairy Godmother' for The Bristol Hippodrome!

Pear Promo have recently helped Bristol Hippodrome to make 'all of their dreams come true' by helping them promote their upcoming production, 'Cinderella'. 

"This Christmas, the most magical pantomime of all Cinderella come to Bristol – and it’s going to be even bigger and more spectacular than ever as national icons Torvill Dean take to the stage as the Fairy Godparents." - Theatre Bristol

We provided a team of Promotional Staff in the clients own branded clothing, alongside our Promotional Billboards to promote the upcoming production. 

Since this took place outside and in the darkness of the night, our Billboards worked extremely well by lighting the way and promoting from a distance! This resulted in people approaching the staff asking for a leaflet and the staff being visible from all around!

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