New iVisit England and iVisit London Websites Coming Soon!

We are in the process of updating our Digital Offering on our Consumer Brand Tourism Sites iVisit England and iVisit London.

Both of these sites provide tourists with information on the best places to visit, the must see attractions and also a daily post showing the best event going on each day of the year!

We want to offer iVisit to consumers to have a customer service that goes hand in hand with our iVisit stands. We are refurbishing our stands so that they will all market our iVisit site, in order to increase promotion.

Here at Pear we are going a step further to market our clients, by not only promoting them through our iVisit stands, but on our iVisit websites too.

Our iVisit Stands provide that initial spark of consumer interest for our clients and the iVisit Websites go that step further, by promoting our clients online and giving a direct digital point of contact between the consumer and Pear.

Through our multi-disciplinary stands, we will market our iVisit sites on digital posters/ TV screens alongside our clients leaflets, which will provide consumers with physical advertising alongside providing a digital outlet where consumers can find out more by visiting our websites.

We created iVisit because we wanted to create a platform where we can provide consumers with fresh and exciting daily content and showcase our clients up coming events and top attractions on a bright, fun and easy to navigate website.

Our iVisit sites are not just targeted to people travelling into the country, but to anyone who is looking for a fun day out and a great place to visit on a weekend getaway in England.