We use Crystal Ball to keep our Clients up to Date and Well Informed about the Maintenance of Print Distribution

Pear use Crystal Ball to improve our efficiency and our client satisfaction using phone trackers and geo-tagged photos.

Crystal Ball is an award winning single web based platform for all workforce management needs. We use their real time mobile phone tracking system to locate our drivers through a satellite on their phone and watch their distribution progress through an online map.

Mobile tracking increases our productivity by automatically informing our Office based Teams of the progress each driver is making on their route and ensuring that each driver is working in a timely fashion and is distributing in the correct location.

We also use Crystal Ball to report back to our clients with photographs of their leaflets in our stands that are geo-tagged. This provides the location, date and time each photograph is taken at.

We use Crystal Ball to inform our clients how their leaflet stocks are looking, assuring our clients that we are refilling their print on a regular basis and keep our stands' aesthetic to a high standard.

Crystal Ball is an independent website. The benefit of this for our clients is that we are unable to alter any data that is on the system. The fully auditable means that clients can access the photos taken by our drivers. This provides peace of mind to our clients that can be rest assured that the job has been done and their leaflets have been distributed correctly.