Pear Promo, supporting STAEDTLER with Equinox!

Pear Promo have recently worked with Equinox to support them with a social experiment for their client, STAEDTLER. 

We carried out a social experiment to see what people thought of when they are asked to draw a pencil. We provided members of the public with a note pad and a large range of coloured pens and waited to see what they would draw.

Amazingly, over 80% of people drew a similar image to the iconic STAEDTLER pencil. We then filmed them revealing their pencil drawing at the same time as we revealed our pencil drawing (shown above). We had some amazing reactions when people realised that they had drawn a very similar looking pencil to ourselves.

The day was a great success for all involved and we believe that it proved that a STAEDTLER pencil is the most recognised pencil on the market! 

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