Santapod - Digital Screen Campaign

We’re very excited to announce that Santapod have come on board with us for an Out Of Home digital campaign. Their digital screen adverts are now active in our Motorway Service Areas (MSA) across the UK.

Motorway Services Areas (MSA) are the perfect locations to place your marketing messages because everyone who stops there is travelling somewhere!

Digital screens are very engaging and can be placed in high traffic locations. Thousands of people pass through Motorway Services every day so your marketing messages will be on show to them. Digital screens allow businesses to target certain groups of people based on where they locate their stands. For example, placing stands in motorway services can target the UK family tourism market.

Everyone is competing for the attention of consumers online and the market is saturated. Out Of Home is continuing to broadcast and gain audiences. This is because it stands alone, away from the marketing messages of others. OOH dominates visibility because the images are large so they stand out!

Here are some images from Santapod’s campaign with us!

Do you want your marketing messages shown on our digital screens within Welcome Break Motorway Services around the UK? Get in touch! Email for more information!

Brand New Innovative Multi-disciplinary Units are being Manufactured

Brand New Innovative Multi-disciplinary Units are being Manufactured

Pear own the display rights in all Macdonalds & Costa operating Service Stations across the UK.

We are in the process of Manufacturing & Displaying Multi-disciplinary units for these Motorway Services. We are placing these units in the 30 Motorway Services that Roadchef operate throughout the UK, including M1 & M6.

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