Pear Promo continue to be one of the Leading and Longest Standing Promotional Organisation, working with some of the biggest brands in the UK.

From Hand2Hand street teams and leafleters to Mascots and Stewards, Pear Promo can supply enthusiastic and friendly staff to help promote your product in the way that suits your business best.
We have a wide range of Promotional Services to perfectly fit your needs, providing Staff in the following areas: Hand2hand/leafleting, Mascots and Fancy Dress, Promotional Billboards/Ad Walkers, Entertainment, Stewards and our 'A helping hand Service'.
We have permits in the majority of locations throughout England and Wales so coverage is never an issue. All of our promotional teams will include a written and photo report so you can see how the shift went! Our staff are also fully trained, insured and licensed.

What we do...

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Our Hand2hand staff work with the majority of our clients within the UK.

Pear Promo can distribute not only your leaflets, but anything else you would like to challenge us with!  We have previously worked with flags, scarfs, fixture cards, balloons and stickers, to name a few! We can also provide Windscreen leafleting.

Hand2hand is a very popular way of distributing your promotional product which also allows you to personally connect with your clients/target audience through our professional and dedicated staff!

Mascots/Fancy Dress

Pear Promo are quickly expanding in the Mascot field.

We are providing more and more Mascots for clients all over the UK at internal and external events.

Mascots and Fancy Dress are a great way of really standing out and being unique, as well as being extremely eye-catching and lots of fun!


Promotional Billboards/Ad Walkers

Our Promotional Billboards continue to grow in popularity and have proved extremely effective for a number of our recent clients!

These are an extremely effective way of getting your brand recognised and give the extra wow factor to your hand2hand team.

They also allow you to advertise from a distance by displaying your artwork and lighting up for all to see!



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Pear Promo, can also help you to provide that extra something at your event!

We have previously participated in face painting, selfie boards challenges, surveys, competitions, photo challenges, fancy dress, mascots and more for our clients!

By creating a fun and exciting atmosphere, or just something a little bit different, this is a great way of connecting with the public and making them remember you!


Stewards/Information Staff

Pear Promo can provide Stewards, Information Staff, Event Organisers and anything else which you may need to help your event run smoothly!  

Pear Promo have worked at a number of events with the Smoke Breathing Dragon! 

We have worked closely with the Welsh Rugby team in the 'Fan Zone' on match days!  

Our teams also helped to promote the world wide show 'Monster Jam' and the famous Judgement Day!

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.... A Helping Hand

Sometimes, no matter how big of a company or business, there simply aren't enough hands to get everything done in time. 

We strive to help our clients with anything which they may need whether it's on the day of their event, promoting their upcoming show, advertising their new product ... or working into the night to help prepare for an event taking place the next day!

As always with any Pear product, our prices are extremely competitive and offer great value for money. Contact our team for a fast quote or simply to discuss any ideas to help maximise your campaigns.