Pear is one of the few distributors who has extensive experience with and works to ABC (Audited Bureau of Circulation) audit procedures and criteria. The processes that Pear uses meet audit recommendations. To date Pear has successfully completed all audits.

We have a full proof Back Checking procedure. All our drivers carry Samsung Note 3’s and take a photo every time they restock a stand (picture is dated, timed and geo-tagged). Images are uploaded at the time to both our information cloud (Crystal Ball) and to our central computer where they are checked by the management.

This is proving to be very useful and allows us to make sure our drivers are distributing to the locations they need to be distributing to and in the correct
manner. The benefit to you is that you can be rest assured that your leaflets are being distributed correctly. Also, if you ever have a query all we have to do is locate the photo. No other distributor does this!

During the course of the campaign you will receive an online Login to access your full online report, which not only shows you the images from your campaign (in a map format) but also a full list of outlets that they were delivered to, along with a total number of leaflets distributed per route updated online throughout the course of your campaign.