We've employed lots more staff!

Our massive investment in the Network was only the start of things to come... Next we had to tackle bringing in new Team Members!

After our massive growth in Exclusive Racked Sites we had to bring in lots of new great people. Including Drivers, Operations, Strategy, Digital Marketing & London Brand Managers.

In the last month we've said welcome to 2 New Drivers in The West Country, 1 New Driver in the North of England, 1 New Driver in The Midlands, 1 New Driver in Sussex, 3 New Drivers in London, 2 New Drivers in Essex, 3 New Concierges in the London Train Stations, 1 Planning & Brand Manager, 2 New Operations Managers, 2 New Rack Branding Production Members, 1 Development Operative and finally a Training & Development Manager to handle the training for all the above!

The Directors are keen to continue this ongoing recruitment drive ensuring that we employ team members who are local to the community they serve. We believe in supporting the local communities in which we operate, therefore giving something back to the local economy and community.