Any Reserve Print left after the Bank Holiday? Get in Touch with Pear.

We're so happy to announce that Pear had a great Bank Holiday.

We were really busy in the run up to the Bank Holiday weekend for every single one of our clients, this involved shifting lots of print, picking up new stock, stocking all of our locations in time for the big weekend and placing lots of fantastic stands.

August saw lots of NEW stand placements, including;
Sea Life Birmingham + many hotels throughout the West Midlands.
Upgraded Stratford Upon Avon Supermarket store to showcase current shows at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Many new placements in Shropshire including Jailhouse Tours!

As a result of our hard work, thousands of people saw a lot of leaflets, grabbing last minute ideas for things to do on the Weekend. For example at Strensham North Roadchef Motorway Services, where over a two week period THREE stands had been left completely empty by tourists and day trippers.

That is over 140 slots of DL and A5 leaflets picked up in just two weeks (on average works out to 7,000 leaflets) in ONE location.

If you have any reserve print left DON`T LET THEM GO TO WASTE!! Give them to us for display to the core audiences around you for the remainder of 2016.

Let us know what you have and receive a special offer rate quote in return!