Spotlight on our Services - School Packs

Do you want your leaflets to go directly into the hands of parents? Look no further!

We can arrange for your leaflets to be put directly into Children’s school bags so you can guarantee your print makes it home! We have lots of options when school bags are involved so you can pick whichever suits you best! We offer shared book bag services or a solus distribution campaign so you can have your print alone in school bags.

If parents are not who you’re looking to target, we can enable you to target the teachers and the trip organisers. Have your leaflets in front of teachers when they’re organising the next trip for the school! Alternatively, have your leaflets displayed in school receptions for visitors, parents and teachers to pick up.

Utilising both Print Distribution & Digital Distribution streams, our UK school network gives you access to the whole school network! Pear gives you access to both Primary & Secondary Schools including both Pupils and Teachers.

Don’t miss out on having your leaflets in school bags ready to be opened by parents!

Call 0203 876 4268 or email for more information!