Spotlight on our Services: Ultra - Local Blanket

Ultra - Local Blanket:

Selecting an Ultra-Local blanket as your way to have your leaflets distributed is perfect if you want to reach people within one target town or city. You choose your Area, Neighbourhood or Postcode then we do the rest!!

Our Ultra Local Team targets your chosen area shop by shop leaving your leaflets. Therefore, you achieve a complete blanket of your printed product in the chosen area.

Maximum Saturation of your target area is guaranteed!

By having your leaflets in every premise within a certain area, you can target everyone! Whether your target audience are at the pub, getting their hair done, doing their weekend shop or out with their children, you will get your leaflets in front of them!

We’ve activated hundreds of Ultra-Local Blanket runs and they have proven to be very successful. They are the perfect way to take over your town!

Do you want your print to be in the eyes of your local community! Get in touch today! Call 0203 876 4268 or email for more information.