Case Study - De Montfort Hall


Client: De Montfort Hall

Campaign Name: Gigs in the Gardens

Target Market: Broad range of music from dance to rock and grime to pop audiences

Channels Used: Ultra-Local blanket & Hand-2-Hand Campaign 

Description of Campaign: We handed leaflets to the local community in Leicester and Nottingham to raise awareness about Gigs in the Gardens 2019. We also conducted an ultra-local blanket campaign where we placed their leaflets in all Food & Beverage, Retail, Family & Community outlets within these areas. This was the perfect way to take over Nottingham and Leicester and have De Montfort Hall’s event in the eyes of the local community. Gigs in the Gardens hosts various music acts so placing their print in a large number of sites will ensure they have the potential to reach people with every music taste. 

Outcome: Executing a hand-2-hand campaign is the perfect way to ensure your target market receive your marketing materials and will ensure your print reaches their hands. 

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