We are more than just a leaflet distributor.

At Pear Communications we are huge supporters of the Tourism, Arts and Events Industry. That’s why we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to help promote each and every one of our clients. We started out as just leaflet distributors, but we have become SO much more than that. 

Here is a list of the services we can offer. Please note whilst this list is long, it could have been longer!


4 sheet poster display

A frame advertising

Ad bites

Bespoke plans

Blanket Neighbourhood Distribution

Branded stands

Coffee shops posters

Consumer online ordering service

Content/app creation

Digital Marketing

Discount cards

Door to door

Experiential marketing

Hand to hand

(Pear) Out of Home

Print large format

School drops/packs

Social media coverage and support

Specific runs

Sponsorship activation

Stickers/Beer mats Printing & Distribution 

Survey teams

Tourist Information Centre service

Van branding