Print and Digital…working best, hand in hand

Since launching our new Digital Screens into the Motorway Service Network across the UK  in the Summer of 2018, Pear Out of Home has been used by some of the biggest brands in the world. 

The response since the services’ inception has reiterated everything that we have said about this service. Not only does it bring your marketing message to life with great visual content but It really does help with leaflet pick up rates and ensures that you get more visitors through your door. 

With prices starting from £350/month or £1,800/year per site our service provides excellent value for money when you compare it to other providers…this is largely in part because of the distribution arm of Pear. Where your digital content could be consumed on its own, it works perfectly when your print is adjacent to it. You can even tailor your digital content to ensure that as people walk past the screens they are prompted to pick up a leaflet. 

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Motorway Services each week, so why not catch their attention with some fun, exciting and memorable content…to go alongside your tangible, take home marketing material! 

Contact us today to begin your Out of Home journey!